My Wrath Will Be Upon Your Heads Forever!

I am not sure how coherent this will be as my rage is still raging but here goes.

Isa had photo day today for her spring recital.  Emmeline didn't want to feel left out so we put her in one of Isa's first dance costumes that she wore when Emmeline was a baby.  Adorable to say the least.  I even put her hair up in a very tiny bun.  I took many pictures of her as everyone else was getting their pictures taken by the "photographer".  Emmeline wasn't buying it.  She wanted her picture taken with the "big camera".  Meaning on one of the "backdrops".  Sorry about all the quotation marks.  This post will be littered with them.

I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.  When we got there I went into the room where pictures were being taken to do any tweaking that needed to be done because Isa's costume was HUGE on her and I had to do some last minute sewing and pinning and such and didn't want it to show.  After I stepped back I got this:  "don't stand there or she (Isa) will look at you and not the camera".  Annoyed since I was paying for the picture, I responded with "She's a professional.  She knows where to look".  The assistant went on to say that's lots of mothers say that but then they talk and the kids look at them.  I rolled my eyes and walked away.

Back to Emmeline.  After the "photographer" was done I pulled him aside and asked that since Emmeline didn't take dance but REALLY wanted a picture with her sister in the photo area, could I take a picture on his group shot "backdrop" while he wasn't using it.  A flat No.  No one is aloud to take picture of his "backdrops".  Let me tell you,  this thing was hardly a backdrop.  It was a VERY wrinkled tie dyed gray sheet tacked to the wall.  There was no equipment set up around it.  It's not like I would damage anything or that anyone would even be able to recognize the backdrop as his.  He wanted my money.  Let me tell you, had I not already payed for Isa's photos I would have walked right out of their.  He then told me to feel free to use the wall of mirrors as the background of my picture!
Why would I want a picture of myself taking a picture!?!  This isn't some bathroom mirror iPhone selfie!! This is documentation of my adorable children while they still like each other!! What photographer worth anything would suggest a wall of mirrors!?  None.

I opted for the gray wall instead.  It looked better then the sheet anyway.  The only reason I wanted the stupid sheet in the first place was to help Emmeline feel included!!  I think that is what makes me the maddest.

To top off the fun, while I was across the room using the gray wall, his assistant came back over and "asked" me not to take my picture until he was done because my flash would mess up his reflector things.  I say asked because even after I told her I don't use a flash and the setting was off she still told me I had to wait.  Listen, I know how to work a camera lady!!  Idiots.

The kicker is they made a nice bit of money off me every year between Ballet and Nutcracker.  Not anymore.  I think I might wait in line the next time though just to tell them why.  I would have today but I need to be calm to do it.  Otherwise I would just come off as another crazy dance mom.  But let's be accurate.  I'm a crazy advocate mom.


Clint said...

I would look online to see if you can find them on Angies List or the other one, and post a scathing review about their manners and unprofessionalism. since it's to late to save your money, you might still be able to save the money of others and teach them a lesson at the same time. Sorry you had to deal with that.

Risë Harris said...

Let me know their names, and I'LL post a bad review too! My goodness! What is wrong with people??