A Little Extra

For 4.5 years this was always with me.  I had it either in my pocket or purse every day of those 4.5 years.  Some people check to make sure they have their purse or keys or phone before leaving the house.  For me it was this little syringe.  It had to be this one.  It was the "key" to Emmeline's g-tube.  It has a special spout that was made to fit in the valve of her g-tube allowing air or water to be injected or removed from the balloon that holds the g-tube in.  Without it the tube can't be replaced if it falls out. Thus my need to always have it with me.  I couldn't just stop at any old pharmacy and pick up a new syringe.  I could only get them in the g-tube kit.  I'm sure I could find some other way in a super pinch to get my hands on one but having been bitten thinking that about Emmeline's O2 sensor when she was little I never took the risk.  
I was cleaning out my purse the other day and TOTALLY panicked when I couldn't find one in there.  Then I giggled.  I honestly love when that happens.  When something that would make my freak out is suddenly no longer relevant to us.  It's nice.  It's like a little extra exhale.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could get it covered in bronze like they used to do with baby shoes (way back in my day).



Megan said...

You're old ;)

Terra said...

How about a Shadow Box then? ;)

Bonnie said...

Love to hear you giggle :)!

Brittany H. said...

Loved the extra inhale thought. Perfect description!