Something New And Some Things Old

I got a new computer. My old one wasn't broken but it was sounding more and more like it might explode at any second. Plus Emmeline has been really wanting to use the computer. She plays on the one at the library and really enjoys it. So I have decided to look at this more like SHE got an upgrade as now she has her own computer to use.
Anyway, as we have been moving stuff over to the new computer I found a TON of pictures that Josh had on his computer that I have never seen. most of them are from last summer but very cute none the less so I have decided to post them anyway. I'm a sucker for cuteness.

Who can tell me what all these photos have in common?

Some beach park fun

Trying to stay out of the sun...and cuddle

She's brake dance fighting!

It's a peacock

Cuddle sisters

1 comment:

Terra said...

You make such cute babies.

Now I miss them.

Maybe you too.