Back On The Wagon

Last summer I was 10 lbs lighter. Not to say I'm "fluffy" now but I can definitely see and feel the 10 lbs. I could say that "I just have no idea how I gained it. I eat really healthy" but I would be lying. I know exactly how it got there. Revenge.
I find that I take it WAY too personally when Emmeline wont eat. I get really hostile about it when she turns her little nose up at whatever super yummy high calorie food I have presented to her. It usually goes down like this.
"Come on Emmeline, just taste it. It really is yummy."
"See? Everyone eats." (while modeling a bite)
"What's wrong with you? This is delicious!"
"You don't want it?! FINE!!"
"I'll eat it then!! See it's all gone!"
This "exchange" is always followed by me doing some very depressing math to figure out how in just 4-5 bites I have totally blown my daily calorie intake. Does this stop me at the next meal? Sadly no, it does not. I do it all over again, and again, and again. Thus 10 lbs later I am one slightly mushy mommy with a mediocre 3 year old eater.
Livestrong.com here I come.

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Terra said...

I laughed so hard imagining meal times:) Then I made Jason stop watching his show so I could read it out loud to him!