Before And Now

Here is yet another milestone that my little CHARGEr has accomplished ahead of what was expected.


Most kids with CHARGE dont' walk unassisted before age 5.  We were blessed enough to meet some amazing people here in Denton who among other things lent us their son's first walker.  It was SUPER tiny.  We had been having trouble finding one small enough.  Even ECI, who works with kids Birth to age 3 didn't have one small enough.  Emmeline took right off in it and hasn't stopped since.   Sadly I had plenty of videos of her walking in it but no pictures :(   So the before pictures are in a loner walker.  Either way they show just how tiny she was in it and how big she is now.  We just had to return the super tiny walker to the owner and it was really hard to let go.

Here is a video I took of her in her tiny walker.  It just goes to show that I wasn't in "enjoy my kid" mode but fully stuck in "medical mode".  Emmeline is cute either way.  For those of you wondering that foot thing straightened out on it's own.

The tongue helps with balance of course.

All grown up.  She got so excited when I brought the walker out.  Now she just picks is up and carries it or just hunches over.

Her "I AM smiling" face.


Matthew said...

I want jammies like those.

Megan said...

you would look very handsome in monkeys and pink hearts ;)