Josh and I have really started to notice that Emmeline isn't a baby anymore. She is looking and acting more and more like a little girl every day. I have been looking back at all the things that have gotten her here. People and objects. I wanted to do some blog posts showing her with said objects in sort of a 'now and then' post. While looking back it hit me. I missed so much.
When Isa was little we documented everything. I have at least 4 pictures of every life event. Eating, sleeping, crawling, walking, running, riding etc. I never forgot the camera.
With Emmeline I was in pure survival mode. I was there for everything but honestly the camera was the farthest thing from my mind. Not only that but when I did think of bringing the camera my next thought was "there is no way I ever want to remember this point in my life". I was wallowing that much. At the time if felt never ending. Now that we have reached so many of those goals I am filled with regrets. Of not documenting her (and me) at our super low points. So that now I could look back and REALLY see our hard work. I am super proud of her (and me) for coming this far. I just wish I could accurately show you. Since I can't, for some, you will have to use your imagination. I will do my best to find approximates of what I post about so you wont have to really try hard. Because we worked HARD...and now I plan on bragging about it.

First her hearing aid. I know it isn't really showing her progress, other then growing but it is a big bench mark for me. New electronic toys.

This was what we got in her hearing aid care kit. A little more then this time but we never really used the extras anyway.

I'm bot as crazy about this picture, mostly because it REALLY shows her horn. Her cuteness makes up for it though I think. That first ear mold was SO tiny. I still have it.

Her new care kit. She LOVES that puppet and the bag is way cooler.

Her new hearing aid!! We chose purple this time. It's way easier to see when she pulls it off and throws it. Her current ear mold is clear but we just ordered her a dark pink one which will also help us find it. Believe it or not she can get it off even with both of the straps attached.

I love it! It comes with 2 very important upgrades. 1) it is water resistant! I am super excited about this one. I have fished Emmeline's hearing aid out of her mouth more then once. 2) it has a really cool feature that will adjust the amplification whens he goes into a loud room like a restaurant. I am really happy about that because she pulls her aid off all the time when we are in a crowd. I think she can tell a difference too. she is was more "talkative" at the store now. I think she was just overloaded before.


Brittany H. said...

I am totally with you on the "not really wanting to document" some things. I have kind of pretended that this part of life doesn't exist for Claire--and looking at our scrapbooks, you would never know it does/ever did. I don't video record very much either. Oh, on an unrelated note, I just found out a few weeks ago that we taped over Chloe's birth and I wasn't as upset about it as I thought I should be...haha

Megan said...

well, that's good. kind of :)