The Start Of Something Good

Emmeline can't really talk. Shocker, I know. This is leading to A LOT of tantrums because we can't tell what she wants fast enough. Another shocker. It makes it really hard on Isabella and me to play with her because it usually ends in screaming.
When she started her home bound pre-k this year her teacher brought his ipad to work with her. She LOVED it. especially the camera. For some reason the ipad camera works better then any mirror or even seeing herself on the TV when it comes to getting her to do oral motorexercises. She also really likes all the cool pre-k apps it has. Isa loves all the games and educational tools(seriously). I am a little more interested in the AMAZING"tap to talk" apps. These could open up a whole new and effective way to communicate with her!!!
So around November we decided this would be a great resource for both the girls that we should invest in. Then we found out that a new ipad was coming out soon and decided to wait. It killed me waiting so long when i knew how much the girls would love it but we held out and just got this baby in the mail today!!!

It's like she knew is was something good. *note the cheerios on the floor from playing dog. she eats them as treats. Man she looks tired.

She kept looking at Josh and saying "cheese". At least she knows what's picture worthy.

The actual ipad. We wanted the school to get this for her but they apparently wont buy Apple and would only buy some $8,000 assisted speaking device so we just told them we would get it.

It's super hard to see in this picture but if you have ever purchased Apple products you know what these are. The ever important Apple stickers!!
I am SO excited to see how much she progresses with this. I'll keep everyone updated!!!


Terra said...

How's it working out? Has Josh let Emmeline play with it yet? ;)

Megan said...

they girls haven't really used it but neither has josh. i have spent the last day or so downloading all the cool apps. plus we don't have the super protective cover for it yet so we don't really want them to mess with it.