I have been having some serious trouble posting lately. Not for lack of trying either. It just seems that every time I sit down and try to blog my camera wont upload pictures, the pictures are nowhere to be found, or my children try to kill each other (or me). It is really putting a funk in my venting.
I'm no dummy. People can only take so many picture-less posts before they start to lose interest. My apologies. I am doing my best to entertain you but my camera isn't cooperating.

Emmeline has been try to once again keep me guessing by deciding she wanted to eat. I say wanted because I'm pretty sure she has changed her mind, again. She did great for ab out a week eating as much cheese as she could get her hands on. then she moved to cheese and peanut butter cups. I tried really hard to not get attached to the idea of her eating again but I of course did. A big difference this time is that she would object if I tried to tube feed her. I think this new development made me hope we had turned a corner. Apparently not. I have caught myself feeding her at meal times even though she hasn't asked for food. Or telling her she had to choose food or alone time. Blerg. I hate it when I realize I'm doing something I said I wasn't gong to do. It's hard when you want something from someone so bad but they aren't ready or willing to give it too you. I am not patient and trying to move past it is hard. At least she wanted to and for those glorious 2 weeks she did it. I had my first taste of pump free sleep and packing snacks in the diaper bag. It was fun.
I dream of one day staying up late talking about boys while sharing junk food. Or taking my daughter out to her graduation dinner. Or watching her eat her wedding cake.


Marianne said...

You know, I don't have a whole lot to complain about in life, but this particular vent made me think a little of me and potty-training. Like how glorious life was for a few weeks when my almost-4-year-old was interested in using the potty on her own, no accidents, no making sure I have pullups in the diaper bag or giving her a lecture about how "only mom can change your pullup - so you can't poop at school/your friend's house/church", etc. I'm not that much of a control freak (I don't think), but I absolutely hate that there are some things we can't control, especially when everyone around you doesn't have to suffer what you do.

You're awesome, by the way. I'm in awe of all you do. :)

Megan said...

It makes me feel better that your 4 year old is having potty troubles. i swear i potty trained isa at least 5 times and emmeline just giggles and walks away.

Chesney said...

Megan you are not cursed. Everything will work with the feeding situation. I am sure one day you will have that junk food night together!

Matthew said...

Have you tried feeding her those single-serving yogurt thingies that are avilable in all those flavors? She might like those enough to stick with it.

Yes, you are totally cursed BTW.