The World Is Run By C Students

I had the joy of taking Chemistry II this summer. It was probably the hardest class I have actually finished. I made the mistake of taking chem I not knowing I would have to take Chem II. Even though I thought at times I might go crazy, this has been the most faith building experience of my life. I think only josh can really know how hard this was on me because it was about that hard on him. I really thought I would never get my degree at times. When finals came around I averaged out my grade and I had a D+ in lecture and a C something in lab. I was so excited I started screaming and jumping up and down. Isa was looking at me like I was crazy. Later that night I checked my official grade and to my pleasant surprise my teacher was more than liberal in calculating my grade and I ended up with this:

GPA : Cumulative: THRU 2004 Summer2 3.00

so, it is official I am a college graduate!!!!!!!!!!!!
It hasn't really sunk in yet. I figure it will when everyone else is going back to school expect me. I am also getting sick. I usually do when I am coming down from a stressful situation. It just really wears me out. I guess this is a pretty good time to get sick though since I don't have to go anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Saturday Josh's parent's came up and we grilled. It was mostly an excuse to do this:

This is me burning my Chemistry notes in the grill

this is really where they belong I think:)

I wanted to burn them all but I had a huge stack and it would've taken a while and we were hungry. It was really more symbolic anyway. I ended up trashing the rest.

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