First Hair Cut

I finally cut Isabella's hair on Saturday evening for the first time. I had been using the excuse that I wanted to wait for her to be a year old when josh brought it up. I was secretly hoping he would forget and that would be the end of it but ever since her birthday he keeps asking if we can cut her hair. I really didn't want to because it was like that was the last thing that was still baby about her. It made me really sad to think that I had been in school for so long that I completely missed the infant stage! Of course I am exaggerating a bit. I have been able to home with her quite a bit. I just happen to have a lot of time now and I wanted to have a some of it be baby time. Anyway, I was really scared to do it because I have only cut one other person's hair and that was my dad when I was like 12 and he would've said it was great no matter what. Let me tell you, it is totally different trying to cut the hair on a moving target much less cut it straight. I was really afraid I would have to end up giving her a buzz cut before it was all said and done. I decided to blow dry her hair when I finished so if I messed up I would know right away. She really hated that. She tried to crawl all over the counter to get away from it but settled to sit in the sink and whimper. Here is a pic.

I think it ended up pretty cute:)

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