A Little Dangerous

Josh had a really busy weekend last weekend because of band and chorus concerts every day. On Sunday after the chorus concert (which was great!) we turned onto hwy 421 and something caught my eye on the side of the road. I turned to get a better look only to realize that it was one of the roadside memorials. You know the ones, they have the pastel floral crosses and pictures or candles or just little things that remind them of the person who died there. It suddenly hit me that I was staring and I had an epiphany. Those things are really dangerous and slightly ironic. It was a good thing i wasn't driving. I mean, this person's loved one died at that very place, so they decided to put a bunch of stuff right there in the same spot that is obviously dangerous so that you will look and remember their friend or family member. If the road is so dangerous there then why would they try to have you take your eyes of the road for even a second! It just seems to me that this should be illegal. What do you guys think?

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