There is this road right when you come in the main gate of Sweet Briar.  It called Sanctuary Road.  When I first saw it I thought "Yep, that's going to be my main running road".  It was perfect.  Packed gravel, only a slight incline, surrounded by tall trees on both sides.  My first time running here I ran straight there and headed down the road.  The road held up to it's name...for .3 miles...then it dead ends, along with my sanctuary.  I rarely stop during a run, but I found the dead ends so jarring that I found myself standing in the middle of the road, angry at first, then searching for a possible trail out the other side.  No trail.  Nothing to do but turn around. I found the run back out to the main road much less enjoyable than the run in. I quickly went back to angry.  Who names a road to nowhere that?! Why wasn't there a sign so people don't' get their hopes up?!
I have found several trails and routes I like but each time I drive by that road I want to run down it.  I imagine where it could go, what might be on the other end, and the sound of the gravel under my feet. Even though I already know the answers, I find myself imagining the wonderful places it might go.

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