I Killed Bambi's Mom..Well, She Better Hope She's Dead!

Back before Christmas I was driving back from the store right at dark when a deer came out of nowhere and I couldn't safely avoid it.  I had just enough time to see it, slam on my breaks, realize I was going to hit it and then get really, really mad just before contact.  I mean, REALLY angry.  For a brief moment I thought "People die from hitting deer.  I can't believe you are trying to kill me right before Christmas! On the way back from getting Emmeline's gift no less! Like she needs that kind of guilt later!" To make it even more fun I was in a rental car.  Our van was having a total engine rebuild so I was driving a little Nissan Sentra.  Now, since I did walk away fairly unscathed I am pretty pleased with how it help up hitting a full grown deer. There was one pretty huge flaw.  When I made contact with the deer, my hood flew up and my entire field of vision except about 6 inches and the bottom center was blocked. When I hit the deer I heard a terrible sound.  I was afraid it was the deer stuck to the car somehow but luckily, or not so luckily, it was the engine. I managed to use the 6 inches of vision to pull over to the side of the road.
Anyhew, it was totally dark by then and I was on the side of a fairly busy highway.  I called josh and we agreed I should call the police to report it. While I waited I tried to take pictures but my phone and the dark plus headlights made it pretty much impossible to see the actual damage. So, you can imagine when I got a lovely packet of the damages from the rental company, I was pretty pleased.
Here it is in all it's glory.

I felt like I came out of it untouched.  Until I had to drive in the dark a few days later.  Not so much.  I haven't had to do that much deep breathing since I was in labor.  So not fun.  Now I want to become a hunter even more.  Down with the deer!!

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