Read At Once If Convenient. If In Convenient, Read Anyway.

I love Sherlock.  No, really.  I love it so much that I haven't seen the last 2 episodes of season 2 or any of season 3. I do no everything that happens however.  I read.  For those that know me well, this comes as no shocker.  They know I get way to invested if I see things actually happening verses reading what happened.  That was I get adequate time to process things before I see them with my own eyes. It's a whole process.  So, when I saw this I knew I had to get my lips on him..I mean it. ;)

My blanks mug.  I went for one of those big soup mug/bowl things.  What can I say?  I like herbal infusions :)

 I ended up doing this over quite a few times because it was WAY to off center.  This was close enough.  Use an oil based paint pen.  When you have it the way you want, put on a cookie sheet and insert in a cold oven.  heat oven to 350 degrees.  When it reaches temperature start the timer for 30 minutes.  Then turn oven off and let the mug stay in there until it has totally cooled.   I do mine right before bed.  That way it's all cool for my morning cup.

 I am not going to show you the Pinterest picture for these because mine are hideous in comparison.  My girls still love them and have played with them nonstop.  They are rice filled owls, for ouches and ear infections and such.  First make a rough owl outline. I am using some of Emmeline's old leggings.  Then cut it out and sew around the edge. 

Leaving a gap on one side for stuffing the rice in.  Leave yourself a bigger gap than I did.  I only left about an inch and it made them really hard to turn right side out.  

Turn right side out.

 stuff with rice.

 Sew your hole closed.

I cut out felt for my eyes and then hot glued them on.  I'm not sure what impact that will have when they are heated.  I'll let you know.  You my want to sew them on just in case.  You could also use different fabric.  They would also be really cute with little beaks but by the end I didn't really feel like it.  In then end I had 7, I can't find the pictures of the other pattern :(

Price Break Down:
Sherlock mug : $1 for mug at the $1 store. 
I had the paint pen but if you need to buy it it would be about $1.75 with a 50% off coupon.
Total for me: $1

I used old fabric I already had so $0
 I used long grain rice ~ $1 a bag at the store.
Total for me:

Can't beat that!


Brittany H. said...

Everything looks fantastic!

Gracie said...

I'm madly in love with Sherlock - and that's coming from a hard-core Conan Doyle aficionado, so it's saying a lot (I almost never like "fake" Holmes stories). I'm also hoarding episodes.