I Can Do Anything, That's Everything, All On My Own!

Emmeline really like this show called Charlie and Lola.  It is told from the point of view of the older brother, Charlie, and is all about his small yet funny sister Lola.  Lola, reminds me of Emmeline.  She likes to be spoiled but also like to be independent if that makes sense.

Today my baby became less my baby.  She went to her first day of PreK.  All on her own.  We found an amazing school called The Hearing School of The Southwest. It's a great school about 30 minutes away that is for children with CI and HA that helps them get ready for mainstream school. She was a little nervous as we talked about it the last few days but was so excited that she kept coming in my room very early this morning, over and over.  When she went to bed she hugged Isa extra tight and told her she would miss her very much.  It was a melt your heart moment. We made it rough the night though and she was extra adorable getting ready today. We also made this Isa's official first day of school even though she started a bit last week.

Obligatory Sign pictures.

Very tall 5th grader.

When I gave Emmeline her new backpack and put it on her she kind of wobbled and I had to stead her.  Then I showed her that you could roll it and she lit up and said "Oh, it's perfect!" Very cute.

Isa chose a cool binder with different colored musical notes all over it but didn't want a picture.

Cute sisters.

Walking into school.  So big

All of us wanted our picture with her in her "little school" as Emmeline calls it. 

Family shot

 Chatting with her teacher

Mushy part.  I feel very blessed a more than a little overwhelmed that this:

Made it to this:

I'm choosing to shut out the reality of this day until a future day when I can process it in a healthier way. Or at least when I'm not already super congested.  


Isabella said...

I felt the same way. I almost started crying after we left.
It was the very first time we were all in the house without Emmeline since she got out of the hospital.
:) / :(

Risë Harris said...

What a milestone!! I'm so grateful for all of this and for all of you. Love you!