Running Where?

In Parks and Recreation there is a character named Chris.  He is a health fanatic.  Eating organic, exercising constantly and taking ever multivitamin under the sun.  In one episode he tells you how many miles he has run in his lifetime.  It's half way to the moon.  His goal, is to run all the way to the moon.  It got me wondering if other people have a goal like this?  A total # of miles that would reach a far away place?  Why the moon, did he want to go there?  Why not say "I ran to Disney World X # of times"?  Should It be somewhere you want to go?  It seems like it should be.  Otherwise why run there?
I find running a loop kind of deflating.  You get back and you're like "wasn't I just here"?  It's almost like running on a treadmill.  Almost.  I'd at least like it to be a big loop, so I only had to go around once.  Here I'm stuck running a loop that is a little more than a mile that I have to do over and over.
I'm not into speed goals so those wont help me.  I prefer the distance.  I don't care how long it takes me to get there as long as I do.

But where am I running too?


Carly said...

I actually am running "across America." I have been for two years. I am in Missouri.
I use:

It is stupid and not motivating... but darn it, I will make it from Virginia to Oregon, at some point! Haha

Terra said...

You should run to Olympia WA. where it never gets hotter than 85 degrees.

But where you might grow mold.

Anonymous said...

Grab the girls and run to Michigan!