Always The Flower Girl, Never The Bridesmaid

This past weekend the girls were in a friend's wedding.  Both of them.  Did I mention Josh was a groomsmen?  Well, he was.  It was an "interesting" day.  I'll just go ahead and say we will never agree for more then half the family to be in the same wedding again.  Even if we love you.  No, I should say, because we love you.
Isa was a pro as usual but Emmeline only liked how cute she looked standing up for 5 minutes at a time and then she was more interested in seeing how she looked upside down.  I fixed her hair a lot.
Josh got a free pass on child care for the day since he had to be with the groom and all.  Well, maybe not free.  I'll cash that one in later.
To keep Emmeline busy we did some of her oral exercises in the mirror.





She eve took a little power nap ;)

Sadly I got no pictures of them actually going down the isle because I somehow ended up being the child wrangler in the waiting area until the got through the door and then I couldn't exactly sneak in behind then :(  Josh said they were adorable and did a great job.
The flower girls got to come sit down after walking down the isle which was good.  Not good enough for Emmeline though.  I think I got to see about 3 minutes of the ceremony and spent the rest of the time with this.

Isa was of course an angel...when she wasn't bored.

With the cool chalkboard

Awkwardly we ended up right outside the front door just at the Bride and Groom came out and would have had their 15 seconds of privacy before everyone else followed.  So me.

Emmeline is more then a little obsessed with the Bride and Groom and she kept going up to them and wanting them to dance with her or hold her.  It was cute at first.

The girls were pretty wiped out afterward.  They danced VERY hard.

A Pro picture.


Rise said...

Great pictures! I love that last one.

Brittany H. said...

Your girls are gorgeous--especially in that last shot!