What If There Are Two Birds?

I recently downloaded the Disney Junior app for the iPad.  Emmeline really likes it because it will have 1-3 episodes of all the shows.  The one she has really taken too is Doc McStuffins.  I hate this show.  It's not that it annoys me like say, Barney does.  I dislike it for other reasons.

First, this kid might have a mental disorder.  She makes everyone actually call her "Doc"?  Is she a dwarf or a schizophrenic?  What is your real name?!

Second, The "check up" song really gets under my skin.

Time for a checkup - Time for a checkup. 
I am gonna Check your ears, check your eyes, find out how much you've grown. 
(Time for a checkup) 
I am gonna listen to your heart beat, fix you up - ready to go. 
(Time for a checkup) 
It's ok if you giggle. This will only tickle a little. 
Time for a checkup - Time for a checkup.

I have been to many a check up where not only did Emmeline NOT giggle but it definitely DIDN'T tickle.
Talk about misleading kids!  I can see it now, some kid who believes sweet Doc will go for their check up and then have their world come tumbling down because their vaccinations didn't tickle at all!  Also , doctors can't always "fix you up".

Third, as a child who slept with ALL my stuffed animals on my bed so none would feel left out, I do not think it is a good idea to have toys come to life.  I think is turns children into stuffed animal hoarders.  They can't give it away!  It's alive!  This was only made worse by the most recent episode to post on the app where a toy is shocked to find out she is in a yard sale.  She is confused and betrayed that her human friend apparently doesn't love her anymore!  "Doc" finally convinces her that if they confront the little girl in question they are sure to find out it was all a mistake.  And what do you know?  The little girl does say she LOVES her toys and would NEVER get rid of them.  Does Disney own A&E?

Lastly I find the sassy black hippo nurse offensive.  I'll leave it at that.


Brittany H. said...

haha I'm not a fan of that show either--and thankfully none of my kids are! ;)

Marianne said...

Awww...c'mon. We love that one. (Don't get me started on the Small Potatoes, though.) You can't blame Doc for making kids hoard their toys...Toy Story has to take some of the blame on that one. :) When Addie's best friend went in for open heart surgery a couple of weeks ago, Addie decided she needed a "lambie" for the hospital if she got scared. So we got her one, and she hung on to that thing the whole week she was in the hospital. So the theory's not all bad. :)

Terra said...

I was sure my toys came to life after watching that psycho cartoon "Raggedy Anne & Andy".

I had to make sure they were always dressed because otherwise I was making them walk around naked.

I DO remember your toy hoarder days...to make you suffer for annoying me I used to throw your favorites against the wall.

Don't blame me. It was for your own good. I was making you strong.