Me and My Loco Burro Burrito

I don't have a traditional bucket list.  Most people have an actual list of things they want to do.  They work toward those goals and plan them out.  I can talk myself out of almost anything.  So, if I make a list and read it I would probably take most of it off.  Also, I would become obsessed with completing the list and get WAY to focused on it.  So, I basically have a quite little list in the back of my head and when I stumble on one of those things I do it.  Not the most organized way but that way I don't feel like a failure.  If I really break it down then my bucket list is really just things for me that I usually procrastinate because I feel busy with other people/things.

This year I have completed 2.  1) I took my very first ballet class.  It was SUPER fun and I learned that I have more of a Latin dance physique then a ballet one...if you get my drift.
2) I participated in and completed a food eating challenge.  I'm not sure why I wanted to do this one so bad but I always have.  I noticed early on that I ate much more then any man around quite comfortably. There was also an incident when a very sweet skinny girl looked at my plate at a wedding buffet and exclaimed "I will pay you $10 if you can eat all that food!"  It was slightly embarrassing because that was my first plate of food.

When we were in Gatlinburg my brother-in-law Tad/Tadley saw a roof top restaurant that looked yummy so we went there for dinner and I was all too thrilled to see they had a food challenge!!  It was called "The Whole Chihuahua",  I think because it was the weight of a small dog.  It was a 5lb beef burrito with everything you could imagine in it.  Including my nemesis, guacamole.  I had an hour to eat it but I knew the time wouldn't be my problem.  After some pep talks from my family I decided to give it a try.  I was SUPER nervous and was getting queasier and queasier the longer it took to come out.  I totally beat it though.  I will say it tasted really good.  My one bit of advice if you ever attempt a food challenge?  Prepare for the texture wall.  It will come.

For most of this I had no idea Josh was taping me so I am sorry I am not my usual dainty self ;)


Brittany H. said...

Oh my word! hahaha I would love to do that! The commentary was great-haha. Way to go!

Abby said...

Great clips Josh! You really captured the agony of the 5lb Burrito Challenge:) I still can't believe you finished it Megan!! Yeah Meg!!!

Mikie said...

And with deep, deep concentration and, and great focus... haha. Holy... nothing but mad respect, Megan! My stomach hurt just looking at that thing when they set it down in front of you. Fairly riveting footage there.

On another note-- fun to see and "hear" you guys. I miss our old samgyupsal parties!

Kelly said...

Congratulations! That was fun to watch! I did have to go back to the beginning after it was over though because I swear you had a blue shirt on when you started! Then suddenly at 16 minutes you show up in a pink shirt! Looking back I could see a bit of pink under the blue. I was starting to think you came back and finished on a different day! Ha
Glad you're doing well! =)