A little Rant...To Prove I've Still Got It

when i was little i played outside. my sisters and i spent hours playing 4 square, steal the flag, ghost in the graveyard, soccer, and the occasional game of "see what we could get the neighbor boy to eat" (we were well educated in what plants were safe to eat but he didn't know that ;)).

as i was driving home after picking isa up from school we passed the playground near our building. i glared at the hoodlums. they ruin our park. i don't even want to take isa out there. she often asks if she can go out by herself for " just a minute". yeah, no. not only are their mean kids but it is way to open for child snatching. some might say i am too paranoid but i would say the parents of the kid who got snatched weren't paranoid enough. occasionally there will be one maybe two parents out there but usually no adults.
i also overheard a maybe 10 year old teaching the younger boys that it is ok to hit girls if you are under 18 because they wont send kids to prison. nice.

what the crap!? people teach your kids. you have made my daughter a shut in. you suck for that.


Matthew said...

Two words have the power to change your park atmosphere forever. They are:

Frozen paintballs

Take a moment to consider the possibilities. =)

Bennie said...

I taught my boys to fight back, but I'm not sure that's the answer today. In those days, people hit and pinched, today they stab and shoot. I wish I had the answer, but then so do you, right?

Matthew said...


Terra said...

"see what we could get the nieghbor boy to eat" was such a fun game...I miss it.

Tell Isabella I would take her to the park AND give the mean kids the stink eye so they gave her a wide birth.