two years ago today

two years ago today em as recovering from this surgery.

she would end up here.

and here.

and here.

and here. for her first Halloween.

And i would have the most traumatic event in my life so far.
i have learned to say "so far".

but today, today was a good day.

getting the stirrups short enough was tricky.

isa even got a turn. It was her very first time on a horse.


Terra said...

Today is a good day! She looks so big now! and happy :) I've wanted to take Isabella horse back riding for almost two years but wasn't sure she would like it- I guess i have my answer :) I bet it was hard to get the sturrups long enough for her after Emmeline;)

Tori said...

Those pics of her on the horse are adorable! She looks so proud!! YAY!

Whitney said...

She has the cutest face!!! So glad those 2 years are behind you and hopefully the next 2 will be your best yet!

Brittany H. said...

Cutest grin ever! :) That looks so cool--hope she loves it!

Laura said...

What a reward after two very difficult years. Your kids are so cute Megan! (fyi I have a strong desire to call you Morgan and say "raise the roof!"

Bonnie said...

Now that is a helmet you can get excited about!

Chernobyl said...

Holy crap Megan. You guys have been so brave. Congrats on a good day.

Abby said...

Cute pics! Em looks so full of herself in these! having the time of her life :)