Em is 2!

Brand New

Before everything

With Isa before everything

After one of her surgeries. maybe g-tube installation?
notice the notch cut out of the passy. that was so she could suck on the passy while intubated. it became her favorite when she knew how to suck.

Now. after she put on my bathing suit. very proud of herself.


Whitney said...

She is a doll! I can't believe she is 2. Look at that long hair! So cute! Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Laura said...

2 already? Wow! It doesn't feel like it's been that long since we've seen you!

Terra said...

I think the passy photo was after the nose surgery...? It's offical, you make cute babies even when they're kind of gimpy :)

She's so big now...it makes me kind of sad. What makes me sadder is seeing her getting bigger and Isabella getting bigger too.