My Good Things List

1) Isabella loves school
2) Em is taking some steps on her own
3) Em is eating by mouth... at least a little bit.
4) Isabella still likes Em even though she sucks sometimes.
5) Em is Satting in the 90s by herself when she sleeps.
6) I am not totally fat yet.
7) Josh is done with his first year of school. only 2 more to go!
8) Em has 5 words.
9) I get to go to NC this summer!
10) I like my long hair.

i think that is enough for now. i just figured i complain so much that when i thought of something good i should share.


Mindy Jo said...

there's tons of stuff here ...
not being fat and having gorgeous long locks is definitely worth mentioning!
glad to hear em is trying to eat.

Laura said...

Why in the world would you be fat??? You're always skinny!

Matthew said...

#5 I don't get. Is this oxygen saturation?

#9 is awesome

#11 you get regular voicemails from me to brighten your day =)

Megan said...
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Megan said...

laura i have broken my 6:30 rule.
matt yes its her oxygen.

Brittany H. said...

Good positive points! I'm trying to grow my hair out long--I'm doing a pretty good job so far, but then again it's only barely touching my shoulders. haha We are so in NC right now looking for a house! We seriously love it here! :)

Mary Ann said...

The thing that jumped out at me about your list is that can be divided as follows:

Em 4 things
You 3 things
Isa 2 things
Josh 1 thing

It has occurred to me that this breakdown could be completely meaningless, which is why I didn't comment until now.

Terra said...

I did think you looked pretty hot with your long hair in the picnic photos Josh posted on Facebook.

Plus...you weren't fat even when you were 9 months pregnant.

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Megan said...

mary ann it's true. my immediate happiness really pivots around em's progress. i think because i end up having to spend more one on one time with her then anyone else. it's totally unhealthy and i can't wait for that day that changes. until then i am glad she is dong some nice things.

Mary Ann said...

It's true. Unhealthy but non-negotiable. I'm glad she's doing well, and glad that a little of that rebounds and sticks to you and makes you happy.