Isa's Birthday and another suprise

so my biggest baby is 7. 7. it makes me feel so old. and yes i know i will only feel older as she gets older so please don't point it out. her birthday fell while she was still in school so we sent cupcakes for her class. she loved it. we decided that instead of inviting a bunch of little girls to our tiny apartment we would only invite three. isa was fine with it and even chose f\some easy activites that actualy made my life esaier. she wanted to make their own pizzas and decorate cupcakes for the cake. nice for me because i didn't have to make dinner or a cake. the girls were crazy hyper though. they party flew by. they all had good time and the house was trashed. Isa loved her presents and didn't behave like as is as spoiled as she is. a success in my book.

on saturday she had her recital for dance. all the girls did a great job and isa had a blast.

then the suprise. EVERY morning is a crying fest at my house. beasue of hair. if you even come close to isa with a brush she cries. so we decided to cut her hair after her recital (she needed a bun). she chickened out a couple of times but in the end she did amazing. she held still and played with em. it also didn't take nearly as long this time. i guess i am getting better.



when em's therapists came this week they all loved her hair. her speech therapist amy was down right shocked when she asked how i knew how to cut layers and i told her i googled it. i think appalled is a better word. they turned out really well though so who cares.


Whitney said...

So adorable! She looks like such a sophisticated 7 year old! I can't believe how pretty she is! Happy Birthday Isa!

Brittany H. said...

Wow! Her hair is beautiful--as is she! Happy 7th birthday!

Mary Ann said...

Fantastic job on the hair cut. I love it when those things work out.

I think Amy was envious.

Love those Hello Kitty plates. Way to go with the birthday party. They're a huge source of stress for me, which makes me glad that I've only got two, and so far they've done well with combined parties.

Megan said...

i would hope so. i can't imagine having to do two parties over a couple days! yuck. i have done some really big ones in the past and they were way more stress then they were worth. she had way more fun with just a few friends.

maybe one day i wont be driven by guilt and we will just do a family party.

Matthew said...

I sympathize on the hair thing. We have had to pull out the major coping skills on hairbrushing, but in the end it is working out.

Maybe I should do a dad show episode on coping with hair brushing craziness.

Laura said...

I am impressed! I had no idea you knew how to do that. And Isa is looking so much older. I think the shorter hair makes her look a little more like the Isa I knew, so I'll cheer to that!

Megan said...

i just hit her in the head and she usually calms down. or passes out...it's hard to tell.

Terra said...

Between Youtube.com an Google you can learn to do anything!

Great job on doing a low key party.