My Workout

so i have desperately been trying to lose my baby weight from Emmeline and have been making progress. the problem is that this morning we had cinnamon rolls since it was a snow day. so i had to do something i don't normally do. workout. i really hate working out since i had Em. i just don't have the physical of emotional strength to do it but today i couldn't avoid it. well, i was able to find a workout that i had a blast doing and it was a great one. here are some pictures.

Here is the unshovled driveway.

Me in a snow drift.

the handiwork of me and my Father. this is only about 1/4 of our driveway.

It looks like a snow plow did this. it is at least three feet high.

These are the exact same kind of car. my dad had tried to get out earlier today and failed. the cars are hard to find.


Terra said...

you and dad shoveled that whole drive?!! Color me impressed!
I think I would have been tempted to live off food storage and wait for it to melt, but that might have something to do with hating being cold.
(and maybe lazy)

Mary Ann said...

I was sore after shoveling here, and our drive is a lot shorter than yours.

Matthew said...

They just used a little bit of salt. =)

Kelly said...

Its gorgeous out there!! and dude that looks like a lot of work. that's a lot of driveway!