A Little Backed Up

I just got the pictures my sister took at Emmeline's blessing so i thought i would share. she was almost 3 months old before we could bless her. we had permission to do it in the hospital but i just couldn't. it was like if i did it meant that she wasn't coming home. anyway, we decided to do it after she had been home for a couple of weeks to make sure it got done in case she had to go back to the hospital again. She was blessed in the dress that me and all my sisters and Isabella have been blessed in. mom found that cute sweater for her. it is so tiny. i was thrilled that one of the bracelets and headbands that Whitney made me matched the sweater perfectly so she got to wear those too. over all very cute.

Sleeping while i make dinner. pretty cute accessories huh?

Big eyes.

more big eyes.


Watching people

Grandmama and Appy.

Mommy and Em. even the passy matched.

Watching more people. she really likes to know where everyone is.

Daddy and Em. we have a picture that is almost the same for Josh and Isa.


Laura said...

Those are great pictures! I love that she matches so well.

Lance said...

Whew! When I read your title I thought you were having some gastrointestinal issues. This is much better! ;) She's a beautiful little girl.

Mary Ann said...

She's such a cute sleeper, cute awake too, but charming asleep.

Terra said...

She really is a cute sleeper. Plus if she is asleep she can't give me the stink eye ;)
It's too bad the photos I got didn't show how Matt melted into a pile of goo goo eye for Emmeline:) Give Matt a little baby and he is mush.

myglorydays said...

She is such a cutie. Looks like your little family is handling life well. I think you are so funny & your daughters are darling. Enjoy them ... it seems Dale was a baby & I had control (or so I thought) just yesterday. Capt Dale is his own man now ;)
Take care! Jewel

AmyCurtis said...

What a beautiful girl! Congrats on the blessing.