The Nutcracker 2008

Isabella was in her first ballet in December. she absolutely loved it. she sat still and watched the entire two hour ballet. she can't wait to get big enough to do the lifts and things. ballet has been her one escape from the house in the last 6 months. josh and i really try and make sure she gets to go every week. for the ballet she had to have curly hair. since she has the same hair i had at her age i knew it would be nearly impossible to keep it curly. so we had to use sponge curlers with a massive amount of hair gel and hair spray and we got the cutest little ringlets. here she is with all her curlers in holding Em. Em has chunked up quite nicely eh?

putting make up on for the first time. she was super excited.

after we got her whole costume on.

Dancing while she waited to go on.

Little angels in a row. well, kind of.

Silly pose.

her and her friend Kendall

posing with the flowers daddy got her on the stage. she could barely hold them up.

ballet is so great for isa. since she can't be in school right now it is the only time she is with other kids her age. and for the first time since she was born i think she has more girl friends then boy friends. i can't wait for her spring ballet.


Mary Ann said...

I love the curls! Glad ballet has worked out so well.

Laura said...

Goodness she looks so old! I love the little curls too, what a cutey! And probably for the first time, they're friends that are her age too instead of the Wymount aged kids.

Matthew said...

Very charming!

Terra said...

Now I almost wish I had driven the 7 hour round trip to see her dance for her 30 seconds. She is so cute! When is the Spring show?

Megan said...

i don't know yet.

Whitney said...

Oh! These pictures made me smile!!! You have 2 cute little girls! Isa looked adorable in her little angel costume! She is the perfect age for ballet! How fun! How are you guys! Doing better I hope! I think of you often and hope you had a great holiday! I'm just here in WA all by my lonesome self waiting for baby to get here! 9 weeks!

Shiree said...

I'm so glad she got to perform in the ballet. She's adorable!