Back Up

looks pretty cute without a hole in her tummy huh?

Before hell began.

the flash just woke her up. she was less then pleased.

She loves to pose.

The pumpkin she picked.

More posing.

Apparently josh teased isa that he was going to throw a pumpkin at her and she hid behind a tree. this was after the crying stopped.


Matthew said...

Very charming!

Strategic teasing is a delicate skill...

Laura said...

I can't believe Isabella is getting so big! I wish she still called me Lura:)

Whitney said...

They are both so adorable! Hope you have a great Christmas

Brianne said...

Soooo cute! I love them both. How lucky to have such beautiful children. Merry Christmas!

Shiree said...

That Isa is such a poser! Wow, what a darling. I wish we could see you guys. The little one is a cutie too. I'm glad you were able to post some pictures. :)