an early day

well, it was for us anyway. my baby turned 5 yesterday. i still can't believe it. she is so big. i felt sick all day yesterday and thinking that i had been in labor 5 years ago didn't help.

we had an ultrasound yesterday and that is why we had to get up early. the Dr office was 40 minutes away and the appointment was at 8:45. we were all tired. Isa was a little out of control. we had to wait for the Dr forever. if i didn't need the ultrasound i would have left. i still have the previa which isn't very fun. i have my next ultrasound in august and we will find out then if i need a c-section.

we also found out that we are having..........................................

a GIRL!!!!

Isa is very excited. it was a great birthday present for her. i would post pictures except that ultrasound machine the Dr used was super old and you can't really tell what anything is. they are actually pretty scary looking. i was disappointed.

it occurred to me that everyone i know who is pregnant is having a girl. the dating pool for these girls is going to be really shallow. poor things.


Whitney said...

YEAHHHH! I'm so glad that you get to use the stuff I gave you! Isa will be such a good big sister to her little sister! She will be such a little mother!

Megan said...

yeah. i had already decided that even if it was a boy i would have to use the cute things you made. it would make for some fun pictures anyway. thank you so much.

Mikie said...

You know Josh is responsible for it being a girl, right? Josh, what's the deal, man? ;)

My brothers and I were thinking the same thing about our extended family. My sister, my cousins... all producing girls. Except for one cousin who just had a boy a couple weeks ago (her 2nd). Thank goodness for them! Haha.

But how exciting for Isa... that'll be better than any toy doll you could buy her :D

Lance said...

Happy happy!!

Laura said...

You know...Laura is a great name for a girl:)

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to Isabella!!!! Another girl! Just what you wanted! I'm happy for you. =) exciting!

Dare said...


Don't worry there's lots of "older men" for her to choose from! Hudson has lots of little friends that are boys (well, he doesn't really have friends but you know what I mean).


I've got to tell you, your spacing is going to rock! I'm envious that you'll get one on one time with the new little one while Isa is in school! I miss that with Hudson.