It's all a blur

Sunday started like any other and staying that way until right after nap. Isabella woke up and josh and I went in her room to play a little. She started dancing around but then stopped and said her tummy hurt. She has been saying that a lot lately so I didn't pay much attention. a few minutes later she and josh were on the bed and she started coughing ad gagging and all the fun began. She threw up once then and we thought it was over. She proceeded to throw up for the next 28 hours. I had never seen her do this before so after the first night of throwing up I called the doctor to see if I should bring her in since she couldn't keep anything down. They said yes so I made an appointment and waited for josh to get home. (he was at the grocery store). After a while I started to worry that he wouldn't be back in time and called my sister to come get us since it was snowy and she has 4wd. She of course, being a wonderful aunt, came and got us. That day I spent 6 hours in the doctors office so the could run tests and observe her. By the next morning I she was obviously dehydrated so I brought her back in and spent another 2.5 hours.

In the end we have no idea what was wrong with her. They said "something was going around" whatever that means. She is still a little droopy but can hold things down and we all spent the night in our won bed last night which was nice. Well, she did come in there for a little while but went back eventually.


Matthew said...

Poor thing. I hope she feels better soon. She probably is suffering from a deficiency of Stella videos.

Bennie Harris said...

It wasn't the shrimp sauce and rice was it? And why wasn't I called?

Shalene said...

Ohhhh, poor thing! You are a trooper. That must have wrenched your heart! Feel BETTER!!

Terra said...

Poor puppy. Poor Megan (and Josh) for having to clean up "the throw-ups" all night.

megan said...

you mean, poor megan for cleaning up throwup;) to be honest i told josh to go up stairs and sleep. he still had work tomorrow.

Josh said...

i did get the first batch.

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katperkins said...

It's a good thing I don't use this blog to determine if you're alive or not.