Three Down Two To Go

Dad,Isabella, Terra and I ran our 15k the weekend before Halloween. It went pretty well. My hardest run yet of course. I am not kidding when I say that there was maybe 50-100yards on flat ground the whole 9.3 miles and it was right at the starting line. Needless to say, the hills made me really sick. I'm glad I finished though. I even got to see Ace and TJ (they sponsored the race) which was really weird. People never look the way you think they will when you picture them from their voices. My knee did ok too, even with the hills. Now we only have the half and whole marathon left.

we found out that the marathon was canceled so we had to find another one. This one is in February at myrtle beach. It should be fun. Abby is coming to run too so there will be four of us. yay!

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