I Told A Little Lie

A week or so ago my sister asked if I had cut Emmeline's hair after seeing a picture of her on Facebook.  I said no because I am super slow and hadn't posted about it yet and for me it was a SUPER big deal.  Why such a big deal? Because Emmeline has never had a hair cut.  Well, other than the little bit behind her ear they clipped (and saved) for me after Emmeline's CI implantation.  See, she was born with a beautifully soft full head of black hair.  It was adorable.  Then, at 3 months old it fell out. In very traumatic clumps. I even took her into the doctor I was so worried about he rate of the loss.  He delivered the bad news.  Since Emmeline was basically starving for the first 8 weeks of her life her hair was now falling out due to malnutrition.  I scored some major great mom points that day I'll tell you.  One of many blows to my ego involving Emmeline.  Due this the trauma I just haven't been able to bring myself to cut her hair.  It didn't help that she was great about letting me fix it and had cute little blond tips.  That ended after she saw Isa get all her hair cut off before Christmas.  She wants to do whatever Isa does.  This led to crying and whining about "needing" a hair cut.  I finally worked myself up to it only to be getting ready to cut it and finding out that Josh wasn't ready, so we waited.  Then when Emmeline asked again I sent her to Josh.  He caved and the haircut was on.

Here she is full length

She really wanted a ponytail to see that had been cut off since Isa had one.

 Almost through

All done.  I know, I know.  It doesn't really look like I cut off much but I did!

Here is the pony tail.  It's actually about 5-6 inches long so quite a bit.  She loves it but was sad that I hadn't cut it short like Isa's.  I told her Mommy wasn't ready and she had to work up to it. She looks adorable and I made it through.  Win win.

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