Yoga Challenge Complete

I did all 21 days.  Without skipping.  Well, I skipped Sundays but I didn't skip any workouts. I feel at this stage in my practice I can give an accurate opinion on yoga.  You know, now that I'm a pro.
I am still not crazy about yoga.  I don't hate it as a whole now but it definitely isn't my favorite.
Some of the days were a complete waste of my time.  There were 2 routines in particular that I could have done without.  they were both relaxation routines   We all know how much I love to be told to calm down right?  Right.  Probably wont do those again.  Not for actual yoga anyway.
I think my favorite was the core day.  My abs were shaking when I was done.  There was also one instructor in particular that always kicked my butt.  She did the "fun flow"  that I have mentioned before.  I don't think that means what she thinks it means.  I also would have preferred her routines on mute.  She was extra annoying about "feeling how cool that was"  and "inhaling through the front of your heart"  and "exhaling through the back of your heart".  What the what?!  You should get your heart checked out lady. Or any heart really.  I'm not sure you really know how they work.
Overall it wasn't a total waste of time.  My hips aren't hurting as much,  I have too much in the rear area to really get into Bakasana without tipping all the way over, and I found out my left side is much more flexible and stable than the right.  There are days I will probably do again.  But definitely on mute.

The super good thing about doing all 21 days?  Josh talked me into getting this outfit as a reward.  I needed a good pair of statement pants.  Isa told me to "pose".  The celebrity "I kinda have to pee" pose appeased her.

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suzanne said...

Congrats!! I love (some) yoga!