You Get What You Get, And You Don't Get Upset!

Dumbest Women EVER!

Fertility is a touchy subject for me.  It is very dear to my heart since I, as well as several amazing women I know, have suffered from multiple pregnancy "issues".  Josh and I tried and prayed/begged for a second child for years.  During that time we met several other couples who either couldn't conceive or conceived and then lost, which is much harder in my opinion.  When I read this article I was floored.  Well, initially I felt sorry for her.  I had a certain gender I was hoping for when we got pregnant.  I really, really, really thought Emmeline would be a boy.  I had prayed for a boy.  When they  said girl I was a little bummed.  Did I go home and "sob" for weeks?  No, and do you know why?  BECAUSE I'M A GROWN UP!!!!!!!  Plus within a few weeks I had bigger things to deal with.  I became immensely grateful for what I did have.  A baby.  Not everyone gets to have that.

And now my rant.

I'm sorry Mrs "Simpson", that you were devastated that you had 3 perfectly healthy boys?!?!  Cry me a freaking ocean!!!!  WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?!?!?!  I am totally floored not only that you were willing to pay all that money to finally have your "perfect" little daughter but that you even considered aborting your 3rd son for being a boy is, in 1 word, DISGUSTING!!! I'm not sure I could be in your presence without shaking you to death! I'm sure the daughter you tried so hard to have really liked being in daycare while you payed for her.  good job.

OK, I'm done...for now.


Mikie said...

Man, this is perverse. I feel sorry for her boys. Oh, we paid 40,000 so we could have a girl. Boys? You were unwanted.

I hope that girl is a total tomboy.

Megan said...