Running Is The Mostest

In college I wrote a paper about how living in the suburbs made you fat.  In the study it stated that people in the suburbs weren't fat because they didn't exercise.  In fact they exercised the same amount at those located elsewhere.  The problem was that it was the only exercise they were getting.  People living in the city were able to access their day to day errands by foot.  They didn't have to get in the car to go a mile down the road to the shopping center.
People in suburbs usually don't choose to drive to be lazy however.  They have to because most of these "neighborhoods" are only able to access stores via a major road that isn't very pedestrian friendly. This caused an increase in motor vehicle/bike/walker accidents involving those who tried to access said shopping centers without cars.
Here in lies my problem.  There are occasional areas where they have put in side walks and crosswalks.  Even if I felt like the drivers were able to drive and look out for pedestrians, which I don't,  it is to dang hot to walk anywhere, especially with children.  So, I am forced to actually exercise.
I don't like it.  I prefer to work to get exercise.  I would rather be outside hauling dirt then inside doing p90x.  Put me in front of an exercise video and I will tell you every government secret I know.  I hate, hate, hate counting reps, learning different "moves", or having to go do something so specific that it serves no other purpose in my day.  I'm a multi tasker.  Exercising just to exercise?  gross.
I have one exception of course.  Running.  Some days I hate it.  I hate that I have to get up early and the guilt I feel if I don't run as far or as fast as last time.  So I guess I am multi tasking.  I am running and having a therapy session.
If I had a house it wouldn't be as bad.  There would be plenty of yard/house work to do.  I would love every minute of it.  I genuinely love to work.  Exercising not so much.
So...running is the most I will do.

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