I Would Have To Agree

Those of you who follow me on facebook already know that a couple of days ago josh and i entered Em in the "Best Legs in a Kilt" contest at the local radio station. she was up against 9 other people all of which had been listed to recieve votes for at least 1.5 weeks. well, after a little over 36 hours Emmeline swept the compeition and won. she was two stars ahead of the second place winner. her picture is adorable.
i was a little irritated that someone would vote her down every night so she didn't get a full 10 stars in the end but whatever. my kid's better than them! HEHEHE.

here is the winning picture! the kilt is a bit long but she will grow into it.

here is the link of the contest if you want to check it out.

Thanks to all of our friends/family who voted 10 stars for our cutie!!!!!


Laura said...

Haha I bet she was the only one with a NATIONWIDE fan club!

Mary Ann said...

This is the best. Glad she won.

Matthew said...

Yippee! I'm glad she won. I'm surprised someone would actually vote her down though... I wonder if one of those old men is a sore looser.

Kelly said...

that's fun! congratulations!!

Bennie said...

Don't worry about the length of th ekilt. It will ride up with wear.