The Very Idea Makes Me Want To Vomit!

so josh officially announced at work on Monday that he is not returning to teach this fall because has has been accepted to The University of North Texas for his Phd. At first i was really excited about the prospect. then i remembered my life.

It has taken me since November 2008 to get all of em's services set up. that is 7 months! the thought of moving and having to set up all new CDSA services AND find new specialist is enough to make me ball up in the corner and rock back and forth. typing it even gives me anxiety. i have counted it up. this move means i will have to meet/screen at least 11 medial professionals! i have not even factored in the fact that i might not like some of them and will have to talk to more.

i think the two i am the most upset about leaving are her PT and her pediatrician. both are amazing and i know i will never find anyone like them for her. they both know me well and know i am doing what is best for Em and they help me achieve that.

i have so much more emotional stuff about this issue but my brain has put a "protection block" to help me survive until i really have to do it. thank goodness.


Laura said...

Ah Megan! Maybe your current doctors can give you some referrals?? If not, who knows, maybe the Bishop of your new ward will be a doctor!

Mary Ann said...

I'm sure you'll manage. You've proven over the past few months that you can get through just about anything.

Matthew said...

Video games promote denial.