Emmeline's Sparkly

The whole family went to Winston-Salem yesterday to get Emmeline's hearing aid. we were all really excited. The first thing the audiologist said was how tiny the earpiece was. she said it was the smallest one she had seen. I was really worried about how Em would react to it since she hated having things in her ears for all the testing. she did really well though. she actually seems to like having it in better then out. she defiantly looks around more. we got a whole kit of stuff to take care of the hearing aid. Isabella really liked all the things that came with it designed to help kids adjust to having a hearing aid. since Emmeline is so small she didn't really care about that stuff so Isa got to play with it.

Here is the whole set. it has all kinds of goodies.

Here are some stickers to decorate the side of her hearing aid. Also batteries and you can see the top of her toupee tape. this helps keep the aid in place if it starts to flop. you can also see the edge of her Oliver the elephant case.

This is her black holder for the hearing aid. the white container with Oliver on it is a dehumidifier. it is very important to put the hearing aid in there at least for the night. this keeps it very dry. even a little sweat can make it stop working. next we have a battery tester. below that is her hearing aid and the earpiece. the bulb is for blowing any moisture out of the earpiece if we need to wash it. the little pink round thing goes in the dehumidifier. the tube in the bag is and earpiece for josh and I to test the hearing aid with from time to time to make sure it still works. below that is something like a passsy holder. it attaches to the hearing aid and clips to the child's clothes so they wont lose it if it falls off.

Here is a close up of her hearing aid. we chose blue with glitter for the earpiece. we will get a new one about every month or two so i can pick a new color when ever i get bored. the actual aid will be the same for years.

Here she is the first time we put the hearing aid on her. they just made a new hearing aid that is smaller. thankfully they determined that her hearing loss is stable so she was able to get the smallest one they offer. the micro. otherwise she would have looked pretty silly with a regular one. it would have looked huge. she can't wear it all the time since if things get close to it gives feedback and she isn't sitting up yet. we put it on her whenever we can she she seems to like it. hopefully she will be sitting up soon. then she will be able to wear it whenever she is awake. pretty cute if i say so myself.


Laura said...

Em has a bluetooth before me! She is so cute:)

Kelly said...

I agree! Pretty cute!!!

Whitney said...

Her eyelashes are SOOO Long! I'm jealous!

Megan said...

she got them from josh. i am so glad that my girls got his eyelashes. they are about an inch long.

Matthew said...

I'm glad she likes it!

Shiree said...

She's adorable!