Movie Review

Josh and I recently changed our movie pass from in-store to online. I have really enjoyed it because we get three movies at a time instead of one. We recently watched a movie I really liked so I thought I would tell you about it.

It is called Shattered Glass. I don't know if any of you remember a story back in 1998 about a guy named Stephen Glass. He was a writer for The New Republic magazine which is famous for finding new young talented writers. Stephen was famous for really great stories. Everyone loved him because he was always really nice and always tried to please. Well, it ended up that he made up over half of his non-fiction stories and gets busted.

the cast includes, Steve Zahn, Rosario Dawson, Hayden Christensen, peter Sarsgaard, and hank Azaria. What is really neat is that it is very accurate. They got as many of the real life people to help with the script as possible so they could stay true to life.

I think what I find so amazing about this movie is Steve reminds me so much of several people I know, some more than others. I have always wondered how those people function in the world and this gave me a look. Of course in the end he gets busted but at first you kind of feel bad for him. It gave me that release and satisfaction of being able to nail every liar I have know that hasn't been caught yet. Even though I knew in the beginning that he was a liar I still wanted to believe him. When people start digging into his stories you start to believe all his cover answers. I mean he goes to great lengths to make it seem real. Even when it is obvious that he made up all these lies he still wont deny it so you think that you are wrong because surely he would admit it at that point, but he wont. I mean the guy is totally what I like to call a "pathological pretender". The "60 minutes" interview on the special features is very comical. They have interviews with Steve
Glass and his editor along with some co-workers.

In the end the real guy ended up writing a "fictional" book about a pathological liar journalist. Hello! That isn't fiction, it's called an autobiography! Even now he can't tell the truth. It's really good, you should see it.


Matthew said...

That does sound like an interesting movie.

Dad said...

Good to finally see another blog entry. You should talk about important and interesting things like running, or running, or running or maybe post pictures of Isabella. Her running of course.