Playing Catch Up

Josh lectured me the other day because I haven't updated in a while. He reminded me of several thing I need to talk about so here they are:

First, I ran me first race for the Distance Challenge on September 11th. It was another 5k and it went a little better. I got a playpen for Isa to sleep in and gave her some benadryl. She still woke up at 6:15 am but that was fine because so did we. We were almost late for the race and the had to let us skip in line to get our championchips ( the record your personal time exactly). Once the race started I was fine. We actually got to pass some people Which felt good. Around the 1.5 mile marker the regular runners start to pass you until the finish. Dad sped up in the end to pass another jogger but Terra and I stayed together. This course had a lot of hills so I got kind of sick and I couldn't stand up straight the next day because my calves hurt so bad but it was totally worth it. Isabella did great too. She loves the new stuff and looking at all the other babies.

Second is that we ordered something off of the kid's menu for Isabella when we were on our date last week. We haven't done that before so it was fun. I wish we had had the camera with us so you could see how excited she got when they gave her her won plate of food just for her. She loved it! It was pretty messy but at least I got to eat my food without her trying to grab it.

Lastly, Isabella saw Josh with his baseball hat on the other day and became obsessed with it. She loves to put it on and wear it around the house. It was really cute! She normally hates hats so I decided to take advantage of the situation and get her one of her won. Here she is wearing it while watching Monster's Inc. She picked it out herself. Pretty adorable.

She prefers to wear is backward but then she can lay her head back so it pops up.

She was kind of annoyed that I interrupted her movie but I think it is still cute.

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