32 Hours and Some Odd Minutes

Josh bought a really cool game for his xbox a few weeks ago. It's called Knights of the Old Republic. I watched him play it for a few days and then he said I should start a game. For those of you who don't know, kotor is a role playing game. I'm not very into role playing so I wasn't as excited about the game as he was. I was however, very bored that day so he helped me start a game. This wasn't a very wise choice on my part because that was when the addiction began. I started playing during all of Isabella's naps and even when she was awake sometimes. Every night I would tell josh what I had done in the game that day. When I passed his game it was really hard to not tell him about things he would have to do and sometimes I would slip and spoil things for him (nothing big though so don't comment about anything specific from the game). Well, today I finally beat the game! It was harder than I thought. All in all it took me around 32.5 hours to beat the game. This may sound sad to some of you but I am darn proud of myself. I have never beaten a game before (not even Mario Brothers). Now what am I going to do while Isa sleeps?

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