My Stomach

Is couponing worth it? well, my bank account says yes. my stomach on the other hand...
i find that couponing is well worth my time to cut and organize coupons. i save a lot of money. and i don't always have to use the cheapest thing i can find. i actually get to use the new name brand stuff. well, i have the name brand new stuff. i have a hard time actually using any of it. not to say i go out and buy the cheap stuff so i don't have to use my new stuff. i just haven't run out of my storage of cheap stuff.

i have terrible anxiety. really, really terrible. usually when i am anxious if i just dive right in and immerse myself in the anxiety producing activity eventually the anxiety wears off and i am not as uncomfortable. not with couponing. it is getting worse and worse every week/day. i think i might have gastritis. i know it sounds like i am being dramatic and i'm sure some of you might right me off completely to being a hypochondriac. i will say that josh was the one who came up with gastritis after i told him my symptoms.

the one thing that will 100% of the time make me anxious is appointments. any kind of appointment. even if it is something i want to do. like couponing. in couponing you have rotating sales. drug stores, walmart and target on sunday and grocery stores on wed. now, here in denton there are ALOT of couponers. ALOT. And most of those are not LDS. this means that if you want any of the good sales you have to go first thing monday morning because most people go on sunday. this means no sleep sunday night. so, if i am lucky enough to get what i want on monday morning then i have tuesday to "relax". that is, if there aren't any clearance sales that are found while people are out on monday. also, it takes me a few days to come down from a high stress situation. so pretty much no down time. then grocery on wed. i have a leg up here since i can go the same time as everyone else. if i can get the girls together that late in the week. thursday and friday are usually slower because most of the good stuff is gone. this changes once again if there are any good clearance sales going on or if you missed your stuff on monday and have to wait for restocking later in the week.

it sounds like i should have plenty of time to coupon calmly right? well, in between therapy, feeding, bathing and nap time i do. oh wait there is that other kid too. i think my blood pressure is going up just typing about it. yep.

so why have i continued? i get things for free. free. the thought of not getting something we need for free makes me even sicker. it's like i opened Pandora's Box.


Mindy Jo said...

i love this post.
i understand you.
have a baby.
it'll FORCE you to take a break from couponing. ;)
i miss it.
call me!

Brittany H. said...

You totally DID open Pandora's box because you can't erase your knowledge now! There was a time when I would obsess over the clothes I would get for the kids on clearance. I probably looked through them tons of times to remind myself how much money I saved, and I ALWAYS thought about getting more...Yeah, we need to start a group! haha

Megan said...

i know! i went to target for their 75% clearance toys yesterday. got a ton of great toys. i want to go back today. i am so sick.

Laura said...

You are hilarious Megan. I can see your face when you're saying this:) Ben and I miss you guys! Are you coming west any time soon?

Megan said...

we hope so!

Terra said...

At least you know how to do the couponing thing...I'm just confused. I read the blog and am pretty sure she uses english but still can't figure it all out. And I want to get things for FREE TOO!
call me I can't figure out her abreviations.