Halloween and Everything

I have quite a few pictures to put on here. I didn't really want this blog to become just pictures of our life but it has been made clear by those who will remain nameless that that is what is wanted. So here.

Better pictures of me with my bangs.

Isabella has been practicing her bike. She is really adorable with her helmet on.

We also had our ward costume carnival tonight. My downstairs neighbor convinced me to sign up for the pumpkin carving contest when the list came to us on Sunday and then she didn't even sign up. Oh, well we had fun carving them. Josh did strongbad and Isabella picked a profile of homestar runner for ours. Well, I have never won anything in my life so I wasn't really investing anything in the contest but everyone loved it. I actually won first place out of like 12 pumpkins. I am super excited about it! Here is a pic josh took.

Here is Isabella with both pumpkins. Josh's kind of fell over.

They did costume contests for everyone. Here are some of the kids. Eva is the unicorn. The alligator is Caleb and the pumpkin is Jackson. All the kids were adorable.

Isabella really loves this little boy named Gordon. He is two years old and really sweet. It's not that he doesn't like Isabella it's just that she really really likes him and I think it freaks him out a bit. Anyway, Isa wanted a picture of them all dressed up. This picture was taken right after he had his picture taken with his cousin for 15 very loud minutes.

We also had our first snow so I went outside and got Isa a big bowl of snow which she loved.

Here is a cute one of Isa reading the comics that I couldn't resist putting in.


Terra said...

I love them! Isabella i such a cute little girl.
You know I wouldn't mind more stories too =) what was your vision of what your blog was going to be like anyway? then I'll nag you to full fil it. OH, wait you just wanted to whine and complain about stuff that annoyed you, right? Isabella will win over that anyday!

Mikie said...

Isa is simply adorable. And that picture with Gordon cracks me up-- he looks so dang happy!

megan said...

seriously. when his mom asked him what sound a lion makes he growled at me and then did this weird glare. he was not pleased with the hood for his costume either.

yep my blog was meant for complaining but most of the people here are so crazy i think i might have a heartattack.

Dad said...

Finally, a good blog post! You started this blog for supplying me with and endless production of pictures of Isabella and that lady that claims to be her mother. Your new hair style is a good choice. It makes you look so young, like you are only 25-26 years old. The bike helmet does make Isabella so much older and her cuteness quotient goes right off the scale. Keep up the blog production of visual stimulation, photos I mean.

katperkins said...

I like to hear about what's going on with you. Of course, I do talk to you a few times a day. The pictures were great and I'm glad you guys are settling in a little more. The picture of Isa and Gordon really is priceless.

Matthew said...

I personally find the complaints quite entertaining and endearing.

Occasional pictures are also nice.

Josh said...

you can see your bra.

megan said...

thanks for that.

Dad said...

You cannot. He is just jerking you around. It is time for another picture series and you do not need to complain, I have all previous complaints stored in an archive file, just pick a number and I can pull up the archive file. Obviously, not really, you are my most endearing daughter.