This and that

I had a few odd things to right about so I figured I would throw them all into one post.

first I really miss the food network, bravo and USA. I have however found a new TV addiction. We have a ton of foreign channels here and I am totally addicted to this Korean dramedy called full house. It goes like this.

boy A ( a movie star) and girl B(his clothing designer) have been best friends since they were 9. Girl B is in a relationship with boy C (executive at boy A's studio). Then comes girl D (a writer) , who through a series of unfortunate events has her house sold to boy A while she is in china on vacation. He makes a deal with her that they will have a contract marriage. It will help his image and he will let her live there as his maid.

now, girl B's relationship with boy C is really screwed up b/c he is totally self absorbed and only wants what he can't have. They break up. Girl B starts to interfere in what she thinks is a real marriage and is trying to steal boy A from girl D. Meanwhile boy C starts to fall for girl D (she writes scripts for him). He peruses her even though he thinks her marriage is real.

here is the problem. Boy A and girl D are really mean to each other most of the time but the happen to only be that way b/c they are in love with each other but think the other person is not and they don't want to be the only one.

then boy C and girl B find out A and D's marriage is fake and tell girl D and boy A that they are in love with them and want them to leave each other and "come to them" as they put it.

the thing is A and D would stay together if one of them would just tell the other how they feel.

it is just killing me because it is obvious to be that boy A and girl D are perfect for each other but they are both to stubborn. I broke down and read the episode summaries through hen end but they don't tell you what happens, just a teaser. I have decided to wait until next Thursday to watch again because each episode is 1 1/2 hours long and I am getting way to attached. I can't wait to know what happens.
for anyone who was really confused by my description of the show you can read for yourself on azntv.com.

the other thing was something isa said the other day when we were driving home. josh was giving me a key to our storage unit. isa wanted one but we only had two so I gave her the little key ring it came on. She said it was her ring and was happy I heard this.

isa: I lost my ring!!

me and josh: what?

isa: I lost my wedding ring and now I can never get married!!! sob, sob, sob.

me and josh: silence, then laughter.

i got dinner at subway tonight and told the girl everything but cucumbers and olives. i then look away for about two seconds and look back to see her dumping 3/4 of a cup of olives all over my sandwich. what the freakin' hey!!


Shalene said...

Rebekah would have eaten all of your olives for you

Justin said...

They dumped all those olives because Utah is so backwards. If you said extra, then you would have gotten none. Crazy mormons.

And I got lost after the second sentence of the description of that show. Does it have subtitles or does Josh translate for you?

Matthew said...

I wonder if this TV loyalty will turn out differently than your interest in "Lost".

Dad said...

If you expect me to read this stuff you need to put more pictures of Isabella in the mix. What is all this alphabet stuff? Remember I am language challenged and need pictures to understand any message. 1433

megan said...

i must admit that i have stopped watching it for now b/c i was getting so frusterated b/c the story line is taking so painfully long. the problem here is there is only onet hing you want to know where lost had about 100 things you wante dto know. i will be tuing in for the last three episodes.

i know the description was confusing which is why i left the website. it actually uses thier names.

and there are subtitles.

Shalene said...

Lost is starting soon and we are not caught up on Season Two!! We are going to get it on net flix and watch it so we know what is going on before it starts up again.

megan said...

i stopped watching it b/c i turned into mean mommy when it came on. plus it irritated me that they never really explain anything. they just give you mmore things you want to know.

katperkins said...

Why is Isabella so preoccupied with marriage? She's been brainwashed by the Mormons.

megan said...

i have taught her to say "silly mormons". josh thinksi shouldn't have.

Rise said...

It sounds like they ARE silly out there.

Bonnie said...

It is ironic to me that you were forever saying that you are NOT a Southerner while living here and now that you are in Utah you have forgotten what it says on your birth certificate Born: PROVO, UT. Why are "silly Mormons" East and West continually dividing their already minority status into further subcultures? We must all be nuts!

Quentin said...

speak for yourself, i'm not nuts

megan said...

yes that is what my birth certificate says but i wasn't really here long enough to be affected my it. thank goodness. i think i feelings come from the fact that quite a few people here think they are better than me because they live here. it's like they think they were noble and great in the pre-exsistance and this is their blessing.

Bennie said...

I'd say the most noble and great of all the spirits would be sent to live and work among the degenerate Baptists, not in the shadow of the Salt Lake Temple. God might have had you born there, but he soon moved you to where the real work was.

Dare and Ryan said...

I don't really have anything to add other than I think this whole conversation is hilarious!