Air Anyone?

Josh, Isabella and I went out to eat at our favorite cheap restaurant on Thursday (macados). Normally we really enjoy eating here but that night was weird. First of all it was our date night and we had to take Isa with us. She hates sitting there in the high chair watching us eat. We have discovered that if we get her a booster seat and let her sit at the table with us she loves it. So that worked out. Next we realize that to have any type of a conversation we had to yell pretty loud. Normally the music in there is quite background music but tonight someone had turned it al the way up. Then next thing really got to me and for good reason I think. The smoking and non smoking sections in this particular establishment are separated by a
~3ft wall with a little railing on it. Well about half way through our meal I start to really smell smoke and I look up at the wall and was baffled by what I saw. There was a hand, hanging over the railing into the NON-SMOKING section with a lit cigarette in it. I'm sorry but if you don't want the smoke in your booth I sure as hell don't want it in mine!! (especially with my one year old daughter sitting there). I point out the hand to josh who then tries to get their attention to tell them to move but he can't. Why do you suppose that is? Yep, because the music was so loud no body could hear anything! I wish every restaurant would go to non-smoking or at least make then be in a completely different room with a door on it. That might sound mean but if they really want to sit with everyone else then they should quit smoking.

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